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Blog Oklahoma is about life in the state of Oklahoma. It's a blog, podcast, newsletter, community, resource, and so much more. You can find out more at blogoklahoma.com.

Over the years of doing the Blog Oklahoma Podcast, one of the elements I really enjoyed doing, believe it or not, was putting together all the extras I added to the show notes. The things like links to interesting articles, videos, and music and sharing some of the fun day-to-day stuff, what I learned at work, or some family news. Yes, all these things can be shared on places like Twitter, Instagram, and Mastodon, and much of it is, but it’s all lost in modern social media's stream of noise.

That’s where this newsletter comes in. It's not something that will ephemerally appear in your algorithmically controlled newsfeeds. It's an email. It'll appear in your inbox; you can read it at your leisure.


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The center left chaotic good weaver of code. Host of the Blog Oklahoma Podcast. I currently live in small town western Oklahoma with a loving spouse, son, and way too many cats. @}-;--